How To Hide Gold At Home And How NOT To Hide Gold or Silver

Once you decide to buy Gold, you likely wonder how to hide Gold at home or where to hide it. Do you hide precious metals IN the house or out in the backyard? What are the various considerations?

The last thing you want to do is lose the Gold and Silver you worked hard to pay for.

Most people are concerned with having their metals stolen, but actually that is not the only potential risk to your Gold coin stash.

While having boxes of Gold coins worth millions stacked in the garage of a deceased man makes the news, few people are willing to trust their wealth to such a simple manner of storage and expect it to be as safe as his was.

Hiding In Plain Sight

What that old timer did is known as hiding in plain sight. You may recall the movie “Matchstick Men” where Nicolas Cage’s character had lots of cash stored in a ceramic dog right there in the living room. After all, most burglars head to the master bedroom, I think, expecting valuables to be there.

The risk with hiding in plain sight is that someone will accidentally stumble over it and then… it’s likely going to be gone. Maybe a friend or even a relative who is ordinarily honest simply cannot overcome such an extreme temptation.

Further, there is no protection against fire, tornado or hurricane with such a strategy.

Hiding Gold In Your Home

If you have a home with any kind of “unfinished” area that is accessible, like an attic or an unfinished basement, there are practically unlimited places you could hide Gold and Silver in your house that no one would ever find.

Knowing how to hide Gold at home is not as difficult as knowing what NOT to do or what risks you may not be considering.

You can even take steps to thwart a metal detector, such as planting lots of “false positives” like steel rods, aluminum, copper and brass in areas where the Gold coins are and where they are not.

PVC pipe is probably the easiest to work with, a task most homeowners could successfully tackle. Simply “T” onto a real pipe with another piece (sealed off) that looks like it belongs but dead ends in a wall or ceiling.

Blown in attic insulation, or even bats on insulation give you almost infinite places to hide some Gold coins in your home or even a fair quantity of Silver.

Problems, though, still exist. In a fire, Gold and Silver will not burn up but they can melt into unrecognizable form and lose a considerable amount of value. Even the firemen could find and walk away with them.

A tornado or hurricane could carry your precious metal into the next county or even just scatter Gold and Silver coins all over your block or farm.

Hiding Gold In Your Backyard

When you bury Gold or Silver coins and bars in your backyard it is often referred to as “midnight gardening” because you do not want to be seen doing it in the daylight.

That said, if someone DOES see you out at night with a shovel they are either going to suspect you of burying SOMEONE or SOMETHING of value.

A plausible reason to be digging, done in daylight, can often be a better approach.

There was an article by a popular Gold and Silver website suggesting that you can hide your Gold coins in fake rocks, hollowed out logs or other places around the outside of your home.

None of these appeals to us simply because they are not “nailed down” adequately.

I would much rather bury Gold, Silver or cash and if necessary put a large rock on top of it that could only be moved with my compact tractor than have one of those $150 fiberglass rocks that people hide irrigation valves under that can be easily found by accident (looking for the shutoff) or even found when someone decides to steal that expensive fake rock!

Make Sure You Do NOT Do This!

Whether you are considering hiding Gold at home in the house or out in the yard there is another risk that many do not adequately consider or plan for, and that is the risk that you will forget about it when you move or your untimely death leaves no way for heirs to find it.

You absolutely MUST leave a map of some sort for yourself (think Alzheimer’s) or your designated heirs.

Additionally, though, should you sell your home there is so much going on between tasks to get done and the stress of everything that one actually CAN FORGET about the Gold or Silver coins you have hidden in your house or in the yard.

What Kind Of Container Can I Bury Gold At Home In?

Any time you decide you want to hid Gold, Silver or other valued items outside you need to make sure you do so in a completely weather proof container.

Much has been said about PVC; taking a length of 3, 4 or 6 inch PVC pipe and gluing a cap on each end. Yes, that will work to seal your valuables from the weather but it does not offer you access without cutting the pipe each time resulting in a shorter and shorter “safe” each time and buying more PVC fittings.

We think there is a better solution.