Hoover UH30010COM Review – Costumer’s Feedback

Being a mom of two kids, cleanliness at home is one of my priorities. In life we lived today, it’s not enough to rely on vitamins. Prevention is indeed better than cure. However, vacuuming the carpet is one of the household chores I hated the most. The stains and the hairs from my pet are stuffs that brought headaches to me. Add to that, my old vacuum was not doing the job well. So I decided to give Hoover UH30010COM a try. But before that, I’ve checked some comments from actual costumers and most of them are positive. I continued searching and I’ve only found very little complaint about this tool. I decided to get one.

At first, I never believe that a carpet shampooer like this would not bring any miracle in removing the stains. But I was wrong. I used it 3 years ago and I’m really amazed with the results. That’s why I’m here to share the special features this cleaning tool has. In addition to that, I will also help you make the practical decision of buying. Check this Hoover UH30010COM Review and see whether this tool is suitable for your cleaning requirements.

Cleaning ability

Hoover UH30010COM is a bagged type vacuum cleaner built using the combined Direct Air Flow and WindTunnel technologies. Unlike previous models, this one does not used dirt-container. This means, you need not to spend effort in cleaning the canister after using. You only need to replace it with the new one and throw away the used dust bag. Bagged vacuum cleaner is easier to use compare to bagless. Yes, you need to purchase dust bags which are typically cheap rather than to replaced the filters every year.

The machine features two roller brushes that not only remove the stain but pull even a single piece of hair on the surface. Each roller has a flexible upright for easy maneuvering. Some people may think that all vacuums are created are created equally. Absolutely not! Some of them are just scattering the dirt on the surface. This one is different as it pulls the dirt without leaving scratches on the surface. There is also height adjustment for efficient cleaning. Additional cleaning features include illuminated finger controls, 25 foot cord, 14-inch nozzle, floor brush, dusting brush and crevice tool.

HEPA Filter

Hoover UH30010COM comes with a type Q HEPA filter that traps 99.97 percent of airborne particulates including dried stains and left behinds from your pet. When considering vacuum the HEPA filter is important especially to asthma and allergy sufferers. HEPA filter is not just designed to filter dirt but also as protection against clogging and leaking in the canister.

With the average rating of 9.2 in popular website like eBay, UH30010COM remained one of the best selling vacuums in the market today. But in spite of the cool features, there are a few complaints about this product like the heavy weight. It’s not an error actually because you can push it on the direction you wish with the presence of rubber wheels.

That’s all I observed with this tool. But before I forget there is a six-year motor warranty once you buy. The shipping is also free when you are residing near United States. This cleaning tool deserves two thumbs up. I bought my Hoover several years ago and I loved using it until now. If you want to turn your carpet as clean as brand new, there’s no other way but to give this tool a try. But if you’re not yet convinced you can check out other Hoover UH30010COM Review similar to this.