Countertop Edges

Granite is Great

Granite is an ideal material for use as a countertop in the home. The variety of colors, veins, and patterns, as well as its ability to resist heat, scratches, and stains, makes this a great option for those looking for an attractive and practical solution for kitchens or even bathrooms. As people increasingly look for quality, durability, and beauty in their furnishings, this natural material has become a staple and a statement of discerning taste.

Corner Case

There are a few simple considerations that can greatly increase your satisfaction with the finished installation of your counters. Along with the color, grain, and polish, you need to carefully consider the edge detailing. The perfect edge detail can make the place you eat and cook safer and easier to clean while ensuring that your stone surface looks like new forever.

The most straightforward treatment is the straight 90-degree cut. This clean, modern style is squared-off, and usually has a very small bevel or chamfer angle – also known as an ease – to prevent chipping and make it less sharp. The quarter round and the double quarter round have either just the top, or both sides rounded. A bullnose has closer to half of the profile rounded, while a full bullnose creates a smooth semicircle. It can be applied to the upper half only, or to top and bottom.

If your budget allows, more detailed designs are available. The ogee, a popular style reminiscent of renaissance or medieval European architectural details, employs one concave and one convex arch to create an elegant S-shape that you can use to add a more formal or stately flair. Another option is a waterfall or triple pencil, which is made of three cascading convex arches. One may also create infinite combinations of the simple and in-depth treatments such as adding stepped and rounded configurations or doubling up on one such as the ogee.

Seek Sharp Advice From a Professional

In the end, many styles will be perfectly fine as far as maintenance, so the question is one of your personal aesthetics. What compliments the room and your taste? What type of form best fits your budgetary concerns? A professional granite countertop installation company can help guide you through these decisions and provide help you may not know you needed. Consult one to make sure that your selection is going to be exactly what you’re looking for!