3 Times It Makes Sense To Call a 24-Hour Plumber (And 3 Times It Doesn’t)

There are two words that strike fear into nearly homeowners — plumbing emergency. Considering your home’s plumbing serves as the essential backbone of everyday life, if something should go wrong, there’s no telling what kind of damage you may encounter. Yet, is the phrase ’24 hour plumber’ that does a long way in making things better. It may not be an immediate, but knowing that you have a trained plumbing professional taking care of an issue does feel a sense of relief.

There are times, though, when a plumbing issue will arise and a day/night plumber may not be needed. How do you know? Well, here are a few ways to help figure when it’s not a bad idea of flex your DIY muscles and when it’s time to get on the phone & call the pros:

Call the Pro: Sewer line collapse – Many homeowners fail to have their sewer line inspected before buying their home and even neglect to do so afterward. Depending on a number of factors such as invasive root systems, age, and the material it is made from, a sewer line can give out, leading to at best, clogged plumbing, and at worst, sewage backup.

DIY: Shower Drain Clog – If you have a household of family members that use a particular shower, chances are that hair and other nastiness can clog up the drain. With a few ingenious tools on the market or even a little resourcefulness, you can easily get into the drain and remove the unsightliness that’s causing a problem.

Call the Pro: Frozen Pipes – Many homeowners tackle frozen pipes and do just fine. They address the problem and often, a combination of open cabinets & a cranked heater can make things move along nicely. However, if you have cracked or burst pipes, you need a professional to come in and handle it.

DIY: Clog in the Toilet – Every once-in-a-while, you’ll experience a toilet clog. With a little know-how & some handiness with a plunger, the clog will be cleared away in no time at all. Just be sure to prepare for a little splash-back.

Call the Pro: Clog in the Toilet – Oddly enough, even having the right tool and experience with a toilet clog won’t take care of the problem. If a clog refuses to drain away, you might be facing a deeper issue in your sewer line, and the toilet clog is just a major sign of something being very wrong.

DIY: Running toilet – A running toilet tends to be more annoying than problematic. However, if you don’t address it, you could be facing a major financial kick in the pants as the running can cost you hundreds of dollars in your water bill. You can easily replace the internal mechanism of your toilet, but if it’s still running, call a professional

Emergencies aren’t convenient, so having a 24 hour plumber at the ready is ideal so as to not only handle any plumbing emergency, but to also provide peace of mind.