The Best Trees for Missouri Lawns

Like humans, trees care about their homes. If they aren’t given the right amount of space, the correct weather conditions, or the most suitable soil, they won’t be able to thrive. So when you decide to plant a tree in your yard, it’s important that you analyze the area and consider a number of different factors. Every tree is unique and differs in its preferences in regard to sunlight, watering, food, climate, and landscape. In Missouri, our defined seasons and rough storms require strong, hardy trees that will last through steamy summers and wicked winters. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best trees for Missouri lawns.

Some of your surest bets are maples, which come in a number of different types. The Pacific Sunset maple, a round, shady, medium-sized tree, has glossy leaves that turn yellow, orange, and burgundy in the fall. This tree holds up well in Missouri’s extremely hot summers. But if you’re looking for something smaller, consider the Paperbark Maple, which has beautiful bark that peels off in strips to reveal a brighter, copper-colored bark beneath. It, too, can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, soils, and exposures. Other great options include the Autumn Blaze Maple (which blazes with color each autumn) and Shantung and Trident Maples (which do well along streets because they’re not tall enough to disturb power lines).

Next, let’s look at the Oak Family. The White Oak is a mighty and large (though not especially tall) tree that provides a lot of shade. It has been known to live as long as 600 years. Another medium-large oak with great potential is the Scarlet Oak. Fit for Missouri’s Midwestern landscape, this tree turns a bright, striking red color in the fall.

If you’re looking for a tree that flowers, you might want to consider our state tree, the Dogwood, undoubtedly one of the best trees for Missouri. Its lovely white flowers and moderate size make it a great choice, though you’ll need to take care to plant it in rich soil. Another beautiful tree is the Magnolia, which comes in many varieties including Star Magnolias, Saucer Magnolias, and Sweetbay Magnolias. Fabulous landscaping trees, Magnolias can have pink or white flowers and live long lives.

Finally, if you want a tree that will stay green year-round, consider a Norway Spruce. It’s pyramid shape, dark green needles, reddish-brown cones, and drooping branchlets give it a unique, attractive look. Another evergreen that deserves a spot on the list of best trees for Missouri is the Eastern Red Cedar. This hardy tree, a native to Missouri, does require a lot of space to itself (it’s root system can damage nearby plants), but does well in Missouri’s Midwestern soil and climate.

When choosing a tree for your Missouri lawn, consider all the conditions and find a tree that would love to call your yard home. The best trees for Missouri lawns are not only strong and long-lasting, they’re beautiful and striking.