Issues of Hidden Mold

Mold is often visible and that is when people often take notice of the situation, but often it starts below the service. This called hidden mold and it actually be considered worse since, an individual cannot see it for years. Also, when looking for potential issues in a property mold is often overlooked as a potential problem, because it is hidden. However, where can you find this hidden mold in your home?

Mold feeds off of common building materials that you find in most modern homes. These building materials include wood paneling, wallpaper, and dry wall which are readily available food for mold. Also, not only are these food sources, but they trap moisture as well. This trapped moisture can result in the mold growing exponentially behind the walls, without the effected person even realizing it. What may cause the moisture to build up is possible water exposure. Water damage drives hidden mold, because people assume that there are few issues after the water damage work has been completed.

Water damage can even if you think that the area has been dried out properly can cause the development of mold. If you begin notice that yourself or other individuals whom are with you start developing health problems, which is a sign of hidden mold in that situation. An example of a situation where water damage may occur is when water damage happens behind wallpaper. The wallpaper traps the moisture and causes the mold to grow rapidly. When you realize this you need to remediate the situation quickly before more severe health problems occur.

The remediation of the mold requires special equipment that protects the workers from exposure to the harmful mycotoxins that are found in the mold spores. Professional mold removal firms use special chemicals to remove the mold, and take away the effected material in sealed plastic bags in order eliminate the chance of the mold contaminating the rest of the building. Also, the clothing that mold remediation firm use is disposable so once they are done removing the hidden mold the clothing is disposed of.

Hidden mold is possibly one of the gravest concerns to owners of property, because it often does not turn up in the inspection of a property when it is purchased. So remember to get mold testing done through an industrial hygienist when purchasing a property. They can advise of mold in the home and how a professional mold remediation firm can solve the problem of hidden mold.