Some Amazing Points About Freestanding Tubs

The freestanding tubs can be a great addition to every home while forming a mesmerizing centerpiece for the bathroom and offering a talking point for every visitor to your home. In case you have a contemporary taste, then these tubs are the ideal choice for your home as these tubs are available in different sizes and shapes. Some of the popular shapes of these tubs are: rectangular, boat-shaped, egg-shaped etc. By using the most modern design techniques and the modern materials, these tubs are capable of diverging from the conventional shape and can also do something little different from other patterns.

The modern freestanding bathtubs are mainly manufactured from the resoundingly well-known stone basins that are durable and strong, but at the same time really warm to the touch. Besides, there is traditional cast iron ones, but now these are not that popular. Now a number of manufacturers also produce beautiful yet expensive models of tubs from the materials like copper or bamboo.

But whatever may be the design, the pipe work of the freestanding tubs will always be on display. The pipes can either lie beneath the wooden floor or emerge in the middle position of the room for supplying a centrally positioned bath. But in case you have a concrete floor, then you have to be more imaginative and have to position the tub toward the corner side of the room. Moreover, the majority of the freestanding tubs are not pre-drilled for tap holes. Both pillar taps and chrome stand-pipes are combined to create the floor standing taps and by adding the chrome tap and waste, one can easily convert the tub into a beautiful and functional one.

Now let’s have a look at the positive points of the freestanding tubs that set these apart from other types:

Usage of different types of materials : Being so modern in nature, these tubs come with different types of materials like wood, acrylic, stone and cast iron. These types are really helpful in complementing the plumbing fittings and fixtures like the shower heads, enclosures and taps to ensure the achievement of a more consistent theme.

Distinct designs : One of the significant aspects of these tubs is the distinct designs these offers. A well-selected bathtub can offer a great design statement once after being installed in the homes. Conventionally, this type of tub comes with single design that resembles the large-sized baths with claw feet and this type of tub also replicates the old-styled Victorian baths. But with the increasing popularity of this type of bath, there are a number of models and designs available to match with the preferences of the users.

Different shapes and sizes : These tubs are mainly designed with both the classic and the modern look and these also offer a great choice to the buyers in terms of the length, depth and the shape. For example, the deep tubs are ideal for enjoying a relaxing and more luxurious soak, while the swallow tubs are ideal for the kids.