Top 9 Mistakes to Avoid While Storing Your Things at Home

Home storage is a personal thing and different people do it differently. However, there are basic guidelines to adhere to. Avoid common storage mistakes done by most people and you save a big mess off your hands.

Failure to plan

When there’s no plan, it’s planned to fail. You need to know what you wish to achieve and how do you achieve. Plan out what storage method is best for the different items and how many do you need. What kind of boxes is required and the material. Where do you plan to store them at? Ask yourself all these questions before proceeding on to the next step.

Not getting rid of the old

Storing and organizing is more than just placing things in different places. It is all about dedicating certain items to certain places that fits the most and getting rid of those that are not useful anymore, otherwise known as junk. It is not easy as things may have intangible memories. But as the saying goes, if the old don’t go, the new can’t come.

Using opaque storage boxes

You need to see what you are storing. You can have all the space in the world but how does it help if you are unable to see the contents? Use a clear storage box with its contents clearly labeled on the exterior.


While you may be tempted with all the space still available, you need to be mindful whether you are able to carry these boxes and whether the boxes are able to sustain the weight.

Cheap boxes

You need to buy a lot of boxes and you will be tempted to purchase cheap cardboard boxes that cost a fraction of their plastic counterparts. However, these flimsy ones will give way in no time and you cannot stack them properly.

Not labeling

Labeling is very important especially for fragile items. If you do not label, no one will know and your precious china vase could possibly be reduced to fragments.

Storing flammable products

Storage of flammable products is strictly prohibited by law and will cause serious consequences if a fire suddenly occurs at home.

Using newspaper to wrap items

Newspaper is everywhere and they seem to be ideal for wrapping items. However, their ink and words will bleed onto the item, creating undesirable effects and probably destroying your precious vase.

Storing near concrete or metal

Concrete floors attract moisture and if you store your items on the floor or near metal, it will become moist over time and your contents can degrade.