Storage Sheds: Expanding Your Living Space Without Adding on to Your Home

Is your home bursting at the seams? Closets are full and overflowing. Maybe you have a ton of belongings in a storage facility. No doubt, like many growing families, finding a space in your home for everyone to ‘do their own thing’ is impossible. Chances are you are tripping over toys in the make-shift kid’s play area (a.k.a. your living room), constantly moving your craft supplies off the kitchen table so you can serve dinner, or wearing earplugs while half the neighborhood is sitting in your living room yelling at the football game on TV.

You may have thought about adding on an addition to your home, but that is expensive and the remodeling process disrupts the household for weeks or even months. You have to contend with the inconvenience of contractors coming and going all day, with demolition exposing exterior walls to the elements, the noise, the dust, the change orders you did not expect, and a host of other nuisances.

You may be thinking the only way you will ever have more room is to move to a bigger house, but in this economy selling your current home is probably not a good idea, so maybe you have put the notion of every having more space and more sanity on the back burner. Chances are you might not have thought of the easiest solution which is; what about building a shed? If this conjures up an image of those do-it-yourself aluminum buildings that can be damaged by high winds, hail and heavy snow fall, think again. The new era of the shed has arrived. Sheds are considered an accessory building that is the size of a small shed, as sturdy as a house, and so much more.

How about a shed that functions as your kid’s playroom (beyond just being a child’s tiny plastic playhouse) or a TV and game room for the gang? If crafts are your passion, there is nothing that puts a damper on your creative side than having to put away all the supplies you are using every time you find time to devote to your current project. No doubt there are times that you just do not touch your project because set up time would take up all the time you set aside to play! Certainly a quiet studio, where you never have to pick up or put away supplies if you did not want to, would be a dream come true.

What if a shed functions as the exercise room you have always wanted for about the same price as 2 year upscale fitness center membership, or the den you just never got around to adding to your house? If you have thought about a potting bench for your garden hobby, why not make a garden shed with room to pot inside so the weather does not dictate when you can work? And who wouldn’t love to have a place for guests to stay other than on their hide-a-bed. Many people who entertain a lot would appreciate a guest house, but hiring a contractor and dealing with code requirements can be overwhelming. But what if you could build it yourself with detailed instructions and video coaching?