How Much Should You Spend For Self Storage?

Renting self storage units is fairly affordable today. With a secured area for storing your personal belongings, it is not very expensive to use a unit. The rental fee is normally paid once a month but the fee that you need to pay will depend on the size of the storage unit.

If you’re conscious about your budget, it would help to do some math first on how much you will be spending for renting a unit. Different sizes are available today with the smallest measuring 5 x 5 feet. This can cost from $40 to $50 on the average. A larger unit can measure 10 x 50 feet which can cost you from $95 to $155 while for very large spaces such as those measuring 20 x 20 feet, you can be charged around $225 each month. This is for space alone.

If, for instance, you have specific requirements for your self storage unit, you will have to pay additional charges. You may need to up to $100 more than a regular storage space. Climate control spaces are most costly than the standard ones but the benefits are far greater as you can be sure your items are better protected. In this type of unit, temperatures are maintained at a steady level and humidity is therefore controlled.

A deposit is also normally required by storage operators. This is before you even move your belongings to the facility. The amount, however, may be very minimal at only around $30 on top of your monthly rental. Most often, this is also refundable upon termination of your contract with the facility.

Another consideration is your lock and key. If these are not provided by the facility, you may need to buy a quality and weather-proof padlock that can cost around from $16-$20.

Computing the various costs involved here, you can spend almost $200 for a small, climate-controlled unit and almost $300 for a medium-sized climate-controlled space. Your fees will naturally be cheaper for renting a standard type of self storage unit.

Senior citizens are lucky as they can avail of 10 percent discount from the rental fees. You have to determine, however, if this is offered by storage facilities as not all may provide this kind of discount.

An important thing to keep in mind when using self storage is to provide advanced notice to the management if you’re planning to move out. This will save you from paying additional fees for unused days.

Also, you need to ask about the number of people or vehicles allowed to enter the premises of the storage facility. Some may require only one person or vehicle for every renter due to security system. You may not be able to easily enter if you have company or are bringing along another vehicle.

Finally, remember not to share your access details and keys with other people. In the event you lose your lock and key, report the matter right away to the management or sales staff so they can replace them.