The Disadvantages Of CCTV

CCTV, or closed-circuit television, is probably one of the most commonly used security devices for homes, and business establishments like stores, banks, and other businesses. A CCTV surveillance system is made up of single or multiple cameras, a recording device, and a monitor. These systems can be wired or wireless. And while these systems have many advantages, they also have their disadvantages. All the disadvantages of using CCTV security systems are discussed below.


A major disadvantage for CCTV systems is that they can only monitor a limited area. Criminals are able to vandalize the cameras in various ways. They may stick chewing gums on them or spray something on the lens. They may also change the angle of the camera.


Wireless CCTV systems need a specified frequency for the cameras to send signals to the receiving and recording station. Air conditioning, fluorescent lighting, and other electric motored products like cordless telephones can cause interruptions in the frequencies. This could affect the quality of the picture and video. A wireless CCTV camera system is subject to distortion when it comes to image quality and in order to identify and repair system breakdowns, an expert in wireless technology is needed.


Wired systems have the disadvantage of using fixed cameras to a particular area. This means that the cameras can’t easily change locations. Installing and cabling these cameras is a tedious task. As a matter of fact, it demands the assistance of professionals.


The value of CCTV information has increased, thus, it results in a higher risk from hackers. Hacking the footages produced by the CCTV security cameras can lead to privacy issues. The images and the videos produced by the cameras capturing a naked woman may be distributed throughout the cyberworld. It isn’t possible to completely protect the public security system from hackers. As the system connects to a network, hackers can virtually hack into the system from outside locations.

These are all the disadvantages of using them in homes and in business establishments. But be that as it may, you shouldn’t let those be a hindrance for you to be able to protect your properties. You should keep in mind that even if these CCTV systems have a lot of disadvantages, you should look on the brighter side. These systems have more advantages than disadvantages so why should you let that stop you in monitoring your properties?