Why Should I Remodel My Patio Including Adding a Patio Cover?

There are many reasons to have your patio remodeled. Either you have been thinking about it, have thought about it in the past, or maybe you haven’t opened your back door for the last 6 months. The fact remains, if you aren’t getting anything out of your patio you are missing out. When you finish reading this it is my hope that you will be able to be use this information to convince your significant other, or just convince yourself, that it is time to get more from your patio.

Patios can be used for relaxation, parties, activities, and just about anything you can do inside. The best part is that you get to enjoy the indoor activities with fresh air which can improve your health and frame of mind. It is wonderful to be able to sit on a comfy chair on your back patio and just enjoy the seasons. Let’s go through the components you can choose from and some of the different styles with their benefits.

Patio Covers

Aluminum patio covers come in lattice and solid styles. One of the biggest benefits of aluminum patio covers is they are maintenance free and so easy to clean. Also, you don’t have to worry about warping, chipping, repainting, termites, and many other problems commonly associated with wooden patio covers. There are many color options to fit with the color of your house and your design ideas. Plus, you can add fan kits and custom lighting to fit your needs.

Fabric patio covers, sometimes called patio awnings, are a nice choice if you want to be able to get even more color options or wanting to match with the fabric on your patio furniture. You can get these in either retractable or fixed styles depending on how you want it to look and if you want to be able to get more sun at times. The retractable fabric patio cover can be remote-controlled or crank operated. There are hundreds of solid and patterned colors to choose from.

Concrete or Pavers

Custom dyed, stamped concrete gives the flexibility of choosing color and designs. You can give stamped concrete many different stone patterns and curves to fit your design dreams. You can have a custom shaped patio with beautiful pathways extending from it or even just a rectangular patterned slab.

Pavers allow you to also choose from many different styles and patterns, but aren’t as customizable as they come from a factory in set patterns, shapes, and colors.

Sun Screens

Sun screens, sometimes called shade screens, can be used for extra shade, privacy from neighbors, or you could use them to enclose your whole patio to keep out bugs. They are retractable by either remote or pull string and can be customized with different colors and visibility options.

You can feature a hot tub, a grill, patio furniture, or all of the above. The nice thing about patios is you can make them as private or as accessible as you want. Patios can make great sitting areas, amazing party venues, quiet reading nooks, deep relaxation spas, anything you want. It truly can be an extension of your home’s livable space.