It’s possible to see it. You now have a stunning office entrance. Great space, tasteful decor and professionalism are all part of your office. Great first impressions seem to be what you have achieved. Now imagine dirty water puddles and muddy footprints on the reception floor. This is a way to ruin your professional image. Your immaculate lobby, reception and entrance area will look great if there are no footprints or muddy puddles. However, this can have a negative impact on the perception of your company. This can result in injuries and lawsuits. This is not a situation professional companies would like to find themselves in.

These unfortunate circumstances can be avoided by choosing the right custom logo rugs.

Most people bring water into the building with their shoes soles, especially in humid, rainy areas. It is possible to tap the majority of the water and drain it off, which will drastically reduce the puddling and footprints on your premises’ floors. Dry floors can be considered safe and clean.

Outdoor drainage mats work best. They are made from durable, industrial-grade materials. A drainage mat is defined as one that has drainage holes or slots, through which water can drain. They are excellent for damp weather conditions, but they can still be beneficial in dry areas, as dirt, water, and other debris can pass through the drainage holes.

Here are some ways these outdoor mats could be used in different areas.


Outdoor drainage mats can be placed outside the entrance to help reduce the amount and dirt in the commercial premises. The mats have drainage holes that lightly scrape soles. After the mat is removed, any dirt, water, mud or other debris that was left behind falls through the drainage holes. It then collects under the rug until it can be cleaned. The dirt and debris does not stick to the mat and can be picked up easily by other shoe shoes. Drainage holes are a huge help if you have commercial premises that are in places where it is wet. Drainage holes allow water, which is normally carried indoors to accumulate on the floors and in lobbies, to drain off of the surface.

These mats can be combined with an indoor entrance rug that will pick up fine dust and absorb moisture from the soles of shoes. The indoor/outdoor system will improve safety and hygiene for visitors.


Of course, pools are full water! The pool is full of water, with people splashing around and swimming in it. Water puddles can lead to people falling, slipping, or injuring themselves. This danger is present for all ages, but it becomes even more serious when people are elderly, children, or people who don’t know how swim. The outdoor drainage mats make slippery floors safer. The drainage holes provide water drainage and prevent it from accumulating and creating slippery surfaces.

Outdoor entrance mats are made of recycled rubber, nitrile, vinyl, and metal. You can find drainage holes, grids and webs on these mats. You can find outdoor drainage mats that have carpeted insets. They not only look great and sophisticated but also help to drain as much water as possible from the surface. There are standard drainage entrance door mats, which are perfect for areas that don’t receive much rain. These mats can be used mainly to clean out soles.