Bamboo Fences Are a Beautiful Addition to Your Backyard

If you’re looking for a way to make your backyard look more appealing you should definitely consider bamboo fencing as it makes your entire home look beautiful and not just your backyard.

Moreover, this fencing is strong, light and cheaper than the other wooden fences that you may come across. Also, it’s quick to grow and therefore at the same time you would be doing your part in helping the planet by not destroying trees for wood.

Pick your style

There are plenty of different styles to pick from. Therefore before you go ahead and pick a particular style it would be wise to imagine your home surrounded by a particular design. Usually the poles are made up of bamboo of diameter of 1 inch. The bamboo fencing would either come in the form of a roll or a panel which makes them easy to construct.

You can opt for split bamboo if you’re looking for beauty as here bamboo with a split is used and wire is tied in these splits to hold onto the rest of the bamboo in the fencing to provide support.

Another important fact to keep in mind when deciding what style to use is that of its longevity and durability. It would be wise to construct a fencing that would last you a minimum of 10 years.

I already have a fence

Well if you do, it’s great as the entire job would be a whole lot easier now. All you need to do is install a rolled fence on top of the existing fence. In order to make sure that the fence is well attached it would be wise to tie it up to the original fence using galvanized wire around every 10 feet or so.

Just bamboo fencing

Well, just plain bamboo fences look the best, but it’s going to be hard to support the fence all on its own. Installing a plain bamboo structure is much harder than building it over a pre-existing fence.

Before you begin you’re going to need to install heavy duty and sturdy wooden poles to act as the frame for you to roll on the bamboo fencing. Also, the fencing needs to be a few inches off the ground as we don’t want moisture from the soil damaging it. Hence make sure that it’s not in contact, just build it on a strong wooden frame and the job would be easy.