Heating Oil Warms and Preserves the Earth

Heating oil is the best way to keep a house warm. It substantially cuts energy bill costs. In terms of the ordering and delivery process, it couldn’t be easier. This energy is also earth friendly, a fact that remains unknown to many consumers. Understanding these earth-friendly elements helps consumers see the benefits of staying warm with this planet-safe alternative.

Drilling and Firing Without Footprints

In 1935, the first forced-air furnaces came into existence. They allowed American homeowners control over the temperatures of their homes via the simple adjustment of thermometers. This invention revolutionized how Americans thought of comfort. Petroleum made that possible. However, as time went on, it became evident that some changes needed to be made so that comfort could remain not only a standard but a green standard. Since 1990, the government has enacted laws to reformulate the composition of fuel so that emissions are reduced, slashing air pollution statistics. These laws also extended the potency of fuel, which means big savings for consumers. It also means that today, reserves remain at their highest supply ever.

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve holds 727 million barrels in stock, and the Northeast Heating Oil Reserve keeps 2 million barrels in stock. These barrels boost clean and green standards, as the U.S. does not depend on other countries for supplies. Therefore, the government can ensure what goes into the supply as well as reduce footprints caused by harmful drilling practices. Overall, the changes made since 1990 have vastly renewed heating oil and the environment.

Determining Tank Size

Residential tanks are often in-ground. In-ground tank sizes are classified as 288, 340, 420, 518, 550, 555 or 675 gallons. The tank size will be one that works for the client, assuring enough fuel to make it through cold weather economically, without wrecking havoc on the land and atmosphere. If still confused about the size of the tank that is needed, a dependable fuel service can offer advice on the selection. A simple phone call or email to clarify concerns helps enormously. Communicating with the fuel company can also help consumers pick a tank that will not harm the land. A fuel company is always happy to explain how to prevent tank leaks and corrosion from rust.

Preparing Ahead of Time is The Eco-Way

Deliveries can generally be made within a few days of ordering supplies. It is good for customers to get into the habit of ordering ahead of time instead of waiting until the last minute. That way, cold weather can’t invade a dwelling unexpectedly. There is also the rare possibility that the supplier may be unable to make deliveries due to bad weather, or closed roads. If that is the case, ordering ahead of time means that the heating oil is ready to use. It also prevents having to use an alternative that is not eco-friendly.

You can find out how much money it is possible to save by using an online calculator.