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Why Choose Slate Over Stone Floor Tile?

Getting new flooring for the home or a particular room or area involves many decisions and the first and most important decision is what type of material to use. More and more people are opting for slate flooring because it is a natural stone and has many architectural qualities. Because it is from natural stone, there is never two pieces of this material that are alike and because of this; it is guaranteed that no two flooring will be the same.

Slate flooring comes in several sizes and shapes so unique designs can be formed making your flooring distinctive. You can create a design scheme based on the room your flooring will be installed. Slate has several different colors to choose from and In addition to the potential design,to keep that original look many desire. But a significant reason for choosing a slate over a stone floor tile is the durability of the material.

Typically, the slate is more durable than any other flooring. Durability is very important especially for families with younger children, and because the slate flooring is so durable, it will maintain the appearance for years. The material is extremely resistant to water, so you never have to be concerned about the flooring buckling. The flooring is also resistant to heat and stains, which is something that other flooring materials may not. The slate flooring can withstand neglect because of its durability and is much more durable and resistant than stone flooring, or any other type of flooring. If, however, the flooring has been chipped or cracked it can be easily repaired, without relying on a specialist.

You will not get a better or higher quality flooring material than slate flooring. While other materials are good and give their own unique appearance, you cannot find such a durable flooring material at such an affordable price. Stone flooring tends to be significantly higher in cost over the slate and given that the durability is not as strong, it is a wiser investment to forgo the stone, and install slate.

Although there are not nearly as many colors to choose from when it comes to slate, the material is still recommended more than a stone. You can find several different colors, and color schemes that will match your room and the current color scheme you are using. You can make patterns with different colors of the material to enhance the color you choose, your stick with one color.

Stone flooring is a strong type of flooring that offers different colors and sizes as well, however, over all; you cannot beat the durability and affordability of slate.