Ceiling Fan Buying Guide: Purchasing The Highest Quality Ceiling Fans

Purchasing a ceiling fan for your home is a serious investment that is intended to last for many, many years to come. Although it may be tempting to just head to the nearest bargain basement store and choose whatever style or design you like, the savvy homeowner does a little bit of research to ensure that they are buying a high quality appliance. When it comes to high quality, you want to look at factors such as fan construction, materials, and motor performance.


The highest quality products you can find share a few things in common – first and foremost, these appliances will move efficiently and ultra-quietly. Their parts are incredible well-designed and typically, fans will feature motors with variable speeds. There are quite a few well-known companies that put their money where their mouth is as far as the quality of their appliances. Some brand names you want to know include Minka Aire, Modern Fan Company, Fanimation, Casa Vieja, Kichler, Emerson, and more. You will find nothing but incredibly well-constructed appliances from these companies.


Do yourself a favor and investigate the quality of the materials that your fan of choice is made out of. You will especially want to pay close attention to the materials if you’re looking for an outdoor ceiling fan model. Exposure to the elements outdoors means that your fan should be designed to withstand such conditions. Look for models that are rust-resistant with a small, even finish. Nothing is worse than investing money in an appliance that rusts and tarnishes over time. Go for another model instead that will offer a timeless look and finish.

Motor Performance

Perhaps the most important factor to pay attention to is the motor. Your ceiling fan motor should have sealed bearings that require no lubrication. This ensures that your appliance runs quietly for up to 12 years. Properly balanced motors and rotors dramatically reduce noise and vibrations. Self-contained oil reservoirs are a must for preventing dust from getting in the motor. This only helps to promote smoother, quieter fan operation and many years full of comfort and enjoyment.

Ultimately, the highest quality ceiling fans on the marked are backed by a long-term warranty. Make sure that whoever the manufacturer of your new fan is that they are standing behind their name and reputation for well-made, quality products. Products that are top quality often come with at least a 10 year warranty, preferable longer. Also make sure that your fan is listed with the Underwriters Laboratory. You may have noted certifications such as UL wet rated or UL damp rated. This means that your new ceiling fan has been tested and passed industry product safety certifications.